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Popular Noise Foundation Releases

01.07.2001: Popular Noise Foundation presents second edition of Cover to Cover series
10.02.2000: Popular Noise Foundation To Preserve And Benefit Threatened Local Music Scene

The Problem in the Press

03.23.2001 | East Bay Express:
Rock In A Hard Place

03.11.2001 | Contra Costa Times:
Banding Together- Motivated by camaraderie and survival, Bay Area rockers are closing ranks

01.24.2001 | SF Chronicle:
Despite Bleak Situation, Local Musicians Rock On

01.17.2001 | sfweekly.com:
House of Tudor on Cover To Cover

11.02.2000 | mtv.com:
Green Day To Play Free San Francisco Show

10.18.2000 | SF Chronicle:
Survival Stories - Three arts organizations -- one is doing well, one is holding on and one is homeless -- grapple with the new economy

10.18.2000 | SF Chronicle:
Groups That Keep the Heat On

10.18.2000 | SF Chronicle:
Working Within The Dot-Com World - Some creative individuals put their energy into Web sites

10.17.2000 | SF Chronicle:
NO ROOM FOR THE ARTS - The economic boom threatens to kill off S.F.'s cutting-edge culture

10.17.2000 | SF Chronicle:
Rehearsal Studios Raise Bands' Rents - Musicians say landlords are cashing in on scarcity

10.17.2000 | SF Chronicle:
NO PLACE TO PLAY ANYMORE - Not so long ago, San Francisco gave birth to great rock bands -- that doesn't happen today

10.17.2000 | SF Chronicle:
A QUIET NIGHT - Neighborhood opposition and rising expenses make for a brittle nightlife scene -- and a less-lively city

10.17.2000 | SF Chronicle:
Groups That Have Lost Their Space, or Are About to

10.11.2000 | sfbg.com:
Her highness departs - DJ Charlotte the Baroness is packing up her funk and moving to England.

10.02.2000 | SF Chronicle:
Bands Lose Battle Over Rental Space - Grim picture for S.F. music scene

09.30.2000 | SF Examiner:
Bands paid to exit studio space - Building owners also pledge $500,000 for new rehearsal site

09.30.2000 | SF Gate:
Rockers take payoff and promise to vacate San Francisco rehearsal space by Sunday

09.29.2000 | SJ Mercury News:
Musicians don't like the politics gig

09.26.2000 | SF Chronicle:
Bands' Eviction Postponed - Musicians, building owners will use extra days to negotiate

09.24.2000 | SF Examiner:
The City's alive with music

09.24.2000 | SJ Mercury News:
Musicians alarmed over loss of space

09.22.2000 | SF Chronicle:
15 arrested in Mission sit-in

09.20.2000 | sfbg.com:
Downtown and out - Soon-to-be-homeless musicians ponder a confusing half-million dollar deal.

09.19.2000 | SF Chronicle:
Some Bands Vow to Stay, Reject Offer - Practice space owners pledge $500,000 for move

09.11.2000 | SF Chronicle:
Artists Come Together To Fend Off Evictions

09.10.2000 | SF Chronicle:
Supe asks to delay musicians' eviction

09.08.2000 | Rolling Stone:
Musicians Feel the Pinch of SF's Booming Economy

09.05.2000 | SF Chronicle:
Evicted musicians band together for survival - Loss of rehearsal space threatens S.F. music scene

08.25.2000 | Wired News:
S.F. Musicians Stand & Deliver

08.25.2000 | Wired News:
Dot Coms to the Rescue?

08.16.2000 | sfbg.com:
Pretty vacant

08.10.2000 | SF Chronicle:
500 Bands Face Eviction From Rehearsal Facility - Musicians lament loss of practice space

07.14.2000 | Salon:
A dot-com call to art

07.13.2000 | The Stranger Music:
Pissing on the Embers: Rents Go Up, Music Goes Down

06.27.2000 | Salon:
Thoroughly modern Medicis

06.11.2000 | SF Examiner:
It's not just me, is it?

06.06.2000 | SF Weekly:
Riff Raff

05.07.2000 | Seattle Times:
San Francisco quakes as dot-coms move in

04.29.2000 | SF Chronicle:
Artists Lament High Rents - Survey to gauge extent of problem

04.16.2000 | SF Chronicle:
Art Explosion Evicted

04.04.2000 | SF Chronicle:
Riff Raff

02.23.2000 | SF Weekly:

02.16.2000 | SF Weekly:
Make Room for Dot-Coms

10.29.1999 | Salon:
I'm the enemy!

10.27.1999 | Salon:
How the Internet ruined San Francisco

09.29.1999 | sfbg.com:
Evicting art

09.29.1999 | sfbg.com:
Save endangered artists (editorial)

09.22.1999 | SF Chronicle:
Backlash Grows Against S.F. Building Boom

09.01.1999 | sfbg.com:
Unsafe at Any Speed: If you build it, they will come

05.12.1999 | sfbg.com:
Culture Shocked: Dot com envy

10.07.1998 |sfbg.com:
The economic cleansing of San Francisco

Dot.com Backlash

09.26.2000 | Wired News [Reuters]:
New Tech Backlash in SiliValley?

07.27.2000 | SF Chronicle:
Wrath of the Dot-Com - Chronicler of Local Art Scene Ponders Loss, Options

07.14.2000 | SF Examiner:
500 at City Hall demand protection against dot-coms

07.14.2000 | Salon:
'I Want to Blow Up Silicon Valley'

07.13.2000 | Salon:
Anti-tech agitprop

06.27.2000 | SF Chronicle:

06.22.2000 | SF Chronicle:

05.24.2000 | sfbg.com:
Got stock? Dot-com home buyers say consider the options

06.30.1999 | sfbg.com:
Damage control.com

04.29.1998 | sfbg.com:
Tales from the couch

Other Related Stuff

04.19.2000 | SF Chronicle:
48 Bay Area Groups Win NEA Grants

02.10.2000 | Salon:
Free software! Free night life!

01.20.1999 | sfbg.com:
Tenant land grab



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