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Popular Noise will operate programs to:
  • Assist the music community in providing sustainable rehearsal and performance space.
  • Provide a face for the local music community and validate its place within the cultural establishment.
  • Award grants to promising music groups or individuals in the community.
  • Represent local music to the business community and provide an avenue for the business community to assist local musicians.
  • Stage public concerts and events to showcase the music community and educate the public.
  • Actively support other organizations that share our goals.

Current Programs

PNF Musicians Grant Program
PNF has established a first-of-its-kind program dedicated to providing direct assistance for musicians and bands to reach artistic goals and further develop their talents. Click here for more information.

Musician Survey
Our first Musician Survey gathering information about rehearsal space preferences, stores, and venues is now complete. View and download the findings PDF.

PNF Scholarship at the Community Music Center
In 2001, PNF established a scholarship for young local musicians, in conjunction with the Community Music Center. One musician was selected to receive a year's worth of weekly, private, half hour lessons, in the instrument of his or her choice. We are currently in the process of considering continuing the process for 2002. More info as it is available.

Check back here for more information about these programs as our efforts get underway.


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